Note from a Blog Newbie

I decided to finally try a blog, in an effort to explain in detail my theory relating to the mysterious Voynich Manuscript. As it is I find myself endless repeating myself in various places around the ‘net, and so become scattered like the Scarecrow in Oz. Therefore, many of these posts will be pasted from past emails I’ve written to the VMS-net, private emails, and other writings. As a basic explanation of the theory I am currently working on, here is the description from the theory webpage. H. Rich SantaColoma

“This theory proposes that the Voynich Manuscript may be a faux book, which was created between 1610 and 1620, and made to look as though it came from Francis Bacon’s fictional island of New Atlantis. And as such, that it was made to look much older than it was, and that it includes a map of the fictional Bensalem, along with both real and fanciful representations of optics and other devices, flora and fauna, the Arts and sciences, astronomy and astrology. And, that much of this was reflected from past, real works, but distorted into an imaginative reflection of how the author thought they would have been perceived and practiced by the advanced, fictional culture of New Atlantis. The theory further supposes that it may have been created under the influence of, and possibly created by someone from, the circle of Francis Bacon’s near contemporaries and their world. These include Cornelis Drebbel, Michael Maier, Solomon De Caus, Johann Valentin Andreae, William Shakespeare, Ben Jonson, Simon Forman, Robert Fludd, among others.”  H. Rich SantaColoma

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4 Responses to Note from a Blog Newbie

  1. Elmar says:

    Tallyho, Rich!

    Now you’ve entered the blogosphere as well I see… Excellent, the more, the merrier!

    All the best wishes, “I hope your enterprise may thrive!”

  2. Hubert says:

    Rich, I wish you a lot of positive reactions with your new blog. On you’ll find now even the full text of Drebbels ‘Van de Natuere’ of 1621. I might translate it ‘one day in English. The ‘Wondervondt’, Drebbel’s essay from 1607 will follow soon.

    Did I mention to you that I recently discovered Hugh Platt, a writer ‘before’ Bacon, describing many topics, Bacon later describes in Nova Atlantis.

    kind regards, Hubert

  3. proto57 says:

    Well thanks, guys. I’ll take it day to day, and see how it develops. It is odd, like emerging from a closet… the List Closet.

    Hubert… you will have to write and tell me of your discoveries relating to Hugh Platt. All the best, Rich.

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