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Numerical Coding of Word Sections

Imagine for a moment a code which allows an encoder to make random, infinite choices when encoding, but which can only be decoded one way… into one, clear plain-text… at the receiver’s end. The interim coded text would represent the … Continue reading

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Falsifiable, Provable, Probable?

The scientific concept of falsifiability, as proposed by Karl Popper, has been suggested to me in the past, as a way to test the validity of this theory. At first I did not fully understand it, and if I understand … Continue reading

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A Trip to the Rosettes

The rosettes pages of the Voynich Manuscript are filled with some of the most controversial illustrations of the entire book. Many of it’s elements seem close enough to real objects or places to excite a possible identification to some actual … Continue reading

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Prop, Hoax, Tribute or Art?

If we assume, as this theory does, that the Voynich Manuscript could be an “artifact of fiction”, this still does not give a specific reason for it’s creation. I mean, the theory surmises a “what”, but not a “why”. Of … Continue reading

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Optical Timeline

As I wrote in my post, “Optical Comparisons”, the similarity of many of the cylinders in the Voynich Manuscript to optical devices is the starting point of the New Atlantis/Voynich theory. But if the cylinders do represent optics, and if … Continue reading

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17th Century Swimming Girdle?

One of the thinner comparisons I’ve made is the odd image on f79r to a floating device of some kind. I posted it on my main site, mostly to see how others felt about it. My daughter did not feel … Continue reading

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Another Path to Prague

One of the often recurring tenets of the ingrained Voynich Manuscript provenance is that the famous book was sold by John Dee, about 1586, for 600 ducats, to Rudolf II of Prague. The evidence used to support this is mostly found … Continue reading

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Thomas Harriot, Algonquian, and Optics

Thomas Harriot certainly comes under the category of “People whom History Forgot”, right alongside Cornelis Drebbel. The problem in both cases is that much of their life works were destroyed or lost, before ever being published. Just we don’t know … Continue reading

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